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nationaldefense's Journal

United States National Defense Forum
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This is an open forum for people to discuss any and all issues related to national defense. Here are some of the things that I encourage people to post:

  • Political News
  • Technological News
  • Interesting Links
  • Cool Pictures
  • Personal Opinions

Anything else you think is relevant is welcome here. Depth is not discouraged. Feel free to be as long-winded as you like. Please keep everything within the realm of good taste and please treat each other with respect.

This is not a place for anti-American, anti-government, or anti-military sentiment. There are plenty of other communities where those of you who feel this way can make a statement. If you post anything along those lines, I expect it to be backed up with facts.

belt0033 maintains this community. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have.